Christ Lives in Siberia

Christ Lives in Siberia

A documentary film about the world’s largest and oldest spiritual commune (“Vissarionites”) in the middle of nowhere, in a Siberian taiga, telling a story through the children’s eyes.

The co-director of the film, Arbo Tammiksaar, moves to live in Vissarionites village in Siberia with his family for about one year.  He’s going to observe the child-main characters of this film, both in their homes and kindergarten during this period.  The style of the film is pure observing documentary. No talking heads and no comments from the authors. We wish to observe the characters of the film and their relationship with parents and Teacher, friends and playmates in this cloistered part of the world in the midst of Siberian taiga.

One very significant mark shall be the end of year 2012 – for Vissarionites it is the time when the world as we know it, changes and a new era shall begin. How do our child-characters and the community around them prepare for it? How do they see their life in future (in new era)?



Arbo Tammiksaar & Jaak Kilmi


Arbo Tammiksaar, Jaak Kilmi & Margus Õunapuu


Riitta Poikselkä


Margus Õunapuu / Kaarle Aho


Film Tower Kuubis / Making Movies Oy



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