Rules of Single Life

Sinkkuelämän säännöt

Rules of Single Life

A romantic documentary about love in a foreign city. Four Bulgarian guys emigrated to Helsinki and disillusioned in love decide to give themselves a task: they need to find new girlfriends in Helsinki in 12 months. Otherwise – they figure – they won’t cope with Nordic ladies ever again.

The men start well organized self-development and women hunting. Internet dates, sport dates, courses in dancing and tantric sex – not to mention a date with a whole female volleyball team.

Still, love is always full of surprises. The past – especially ex-wives and ex-girlfriends – won’t leave the men in peace. And the present is also full of surprises: Why don’t all women put their photos on the dating sites of the Internet? Why do Finnish men have less hair than Bulgarian men? Is sex a cure for solitude? And can anyone anywhere really get to know another person in 12 months?


The Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund, 16.–23.8.2008

Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Finland, 19.–24.8.2008

New Nordic Films, Haugesund, Norway, 21.–24.8.2008
9th Calgary International Film Festival, Canada 18.–28.9.2008
24th Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland, 10.–19.10.2008

Hamptons International Film Festival, East Hampton, NY, USA, 15.–19.10.2008

Canberra International Film Festival, Australia, 28.10.–9.11.2008

Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany, 29.10.–2.11

DocPoint – Helsinki International Documentary Festival, Finland, January 2011

Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria, 4.-13.3.2011

Sarajevo International Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22.-30.7.201130th Golden Rose Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria, 7.-13.10.2011

International Documentary Film Festival “Flahertiana”,Perm, Russia, 11.-17.10.2011

Manaki Brothers – International Cinematographers Film Festival, Bitola, Macedonia 15.-21.10.2011

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 25.-30.10.2011

FreeZone Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 4. – 9.11.2011


Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria, 4.-13.3.2011

Best Documentary Film



Tonislav Hristov


Tonislav Hristov


Peter Flinckenberg


Joona Louhivuori


Petar Dundakov


Anne Tolkkinen


Kaarle Aho


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